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SAM Medical is an innovator in first aid, field treatment, and emergency medical supplies. 



SAM IO is a manually operated intraosseous access system includes:

DRIVER: a multi-use manually operated intraosseous access driver. The driver, made of a rugged Polycarbonate.

3 Needle sizes: 15mm, 25mm, 45mm.

EXTENSION TUBING: Connects to the catheter for flexible infusion.

Stabilizer: Cylinder design intended to protect the catheter from dislodgement.

NEEDLEVISE BLOCK :Single-use sharps containment device for the stylet.



SAM XT's TRUFORCE™ Buckle technology auto-locks at a predetermined amount of circumferential force, eliminating nearly all tourniquet slack. Simply CLICK, TWIST, and SECURE for a life-preserving tourniquet application.



SAM® Junctional Tourniquet (SJT) is designed to control hemorrhages and bleeding in inguinal or axilla areas. Where standard tourniquets may not be applicable, SJT can be applied in under 25 seconds, controlling bleeding and immobilizing pelvic fractures.


SAM Pelvic Sling

SAM Pelvic Sling is the first and only force-controlled circumferential pelvic belt. Featuring an optimized one-piece design, it’s scientifically proven to safely and effectively reduce and stabilize open-book pelvic ring fractures.


ChitoSAM 100

ChitoSAM 100 is a high-performance hemostatic, non-woven chitosan dressing spun directly from chitosan derived from crustaceans or snow crab shells. Designed to stop lethal bleeding rapidly, its ease of use is extremely effective. Works independently from the body’s normal clotting processes.



Medical bleeding kit contents: SAM XT Extremity Tourniquet, Medical Gloves, Medical Shears, Compressed Gauze, Permanent Marker, Emergency Bandage (6" wide), Instruction Card.


SAM Chest Seal

SAM Chest Seal is engineered to treat, seal, and reseal open chest wounds under most circumstances. After simple and quick application, SAM® Chest Seal sticks relentlessly – through extreme heat or cold, no matter the elements.


SAM ThoraSite

SAM ThoraSite is an anatomical landmark guide, designed to provide a safer approach to the pleural space by pinpointing the procedure site. The device aids in identifying the appropriate intercostal space for lateral thoracostomies and similar procedures. ThoraSite is non-sterile and intended to be single-use.



Touting unrivaled flexibility, SAM Splint bends into any simple curve, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive. SAM Splint is globally acclaimed by emergency care providers, outdoor enthusiasts, the U.S. military, and even NASA.




SAM® Soft Shell Splint is engineered with the same revolutionary C-Curve™ Principle as the original SAM® Splint, building strength from curves. With unrivaled flexibility, SAM® Soft Shell Splint bends into any simple arc, becoming exponentially stronger and more supportive, immobilizing sprains, strains and minimally displaced fractures.



SAM® Soft Shell Splint leverages the revolutionary C-Curve™ Principle to mold its foam and aluminum layers into structural arcs, strong enough for pre- or post-cast care, while remaining lighter and more transportable than traditional splints that rely on heavy, rigid materials. Bend it back into its original form and it’s ready to be remolded.



SAM® Soft Shell Splint is perfect for pre and post operative support or after removal of a surgical cast, making it ideal for ERs, PT clinics, homecare, and more.


For decades, Miltenyi Biotec has played an important role in the design, development, manufacture, and integration of products that empower the advancement of biomedical research and enable cell and gene therapy.

At the heart of our business lies MACS Technology, a magnetic cell separation method based on the use of MACS Columns and MACS MicroBeads. Due to the gentle and effective nature of this method, isolated cell populations of interest are highly viable and pure. They can be used for a wide array of downstream applications including different research as well as clinical applications.

1. Cell Separation

Macs Separation

With the autoMACS® Pro Separator you can isolate cells fully automated, directly from whole blood or bone marrow, which makes it ideal for multiple myeloma research or lineage-specific chimersim analysis after bone marrow transplantation.


2. Flow Cytometry

Macs Quant 10

The MACSQuant Analyzer 10 is a powerful benchtop flow cytometer for highly sensitive, multi-parameter cell analysis. It provides fully automated instrument setup using pre-set calibration and compensation programs, as well as automated startup, shutdown, and cleaning cycles for hassle-free instrument housekeeping.

Macs Quant VYB

The MACSQuant VYB gives you all the performance, automation, and convenience of the MACSQuant Analyzer plus an optical layout configured with a yellow laser. As the options in antibodies and fluorochromes continues to expand, you need a flow cytometers that is configured to detect the widest range of colors.


3. Cell Preparation

gentleMACS Dissociator

The gentleMACS Dissociator provides pre-set profiles for specific tissue types and allows semi-automated workflows for a lower sample thoughput. It enables high sample throughput and the dissociation of virtually any tissue type by using pre-set or user-defined programs.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 4.38.52 PM.png

4. Cellular Therapy

CliniMACS® Plus

The user-friendly key components of the CliniMACS® Plus Instrument offer sophisticated applications for a whole variety of separations. The selected stem cells, monocytes, DCs, NK cells, B cells, and T cell subsets allow research in the field of regenerative medicine, adoptive immunotherapy, and graft engineering.


CliniMACS® Prodigy

The CliniMACS Prodigy® represents the next generation in automated cell processing. This device offers advanced integrated solutions to streamline cell processing workflows from cell separation through cell culture to formulation of the final product.


5. Cellular Sorter

MACSQuant® Tyto

The MACSQuant® Tyto® is a next generation, benchtop cell sorter equipped with 3 lasers, which allows for high speed, 10-parameter cell sorting. A unique feature of the instrument is the fact that the actual sorting process takes place exclusively within a single-use, disposable, and fully closed system: the MACSQuant Tyto Cartridge. The closed cartridge provides full operator safety and eliminates the risk of sample contamination and carry-over. The easy “plug and play” format of the instrument, combined with fully automated flow control, laser alignment, and valve timing, makes cell sorting accessible to any lab professional, without intensive training.

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 2.44.56 PM.png

Semi-automated 1-channel coagulation analyzer for fast and accurate determination of coagulation assays. Compact in size, easy to operate, this analyzer is the ideal partner for the small laboratory, medical practices and intensive care. The CoaDATA 504 uses the turbodensitometric measuring principle and combines the advantages of mechanical and optical detection methods.This standardized measurement method ensures reliable measurements even when using turbid samples and reagents.

CoaData 504



  • Turbodensitometric (opto-mechanic)

  • Magnetic stir bar for homogenizing the test approach and increase of sensitivity

  • Large measuring range with higher accuracy and precision compared to only optical detecting principles

  • Ambient light compensation

  • Plasma Samples

  • Micro volume: 150μl test volume



  • 1 Measuring channel

  • 1 Reagent position

  • 4 Cuvette incubation positions


  • Open System, free editable reagent parameter

  • 15 programmable test positions

  • Automated calculation of seconds, INR, %, g/l, mg/dl, Ratio

  • Editable calibration-/reference curve (9 points)

  • Patient-ID, numeric (manually) and alphanumeric (Barcode)

  • Uni-directional HOST communication

  • Multi-language user interface (DE, EN, ES, FR, PT, RU)

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 2.48.40 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 5.26.29 PM.png


1.Principle : Direct measurement with ion selective electrode (ISE).
2. Parameter conversion : This functionality allows quick change of analyte.

3. Sample : Whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF and diluted urine. for diluted (1:5) urine 500 micro liter .

4. Sample Volume : 130 micro liter.

5. Measuring time : 65 sec.

6. Throughput: 55 Samples / Hour .
7. Data Storage : 1 Lakh Sample, 25000 Urine, 100 QC.

8. Ambient conditions : Temperature: 50C - 400C , <%85 non-condensing humidity

9. Output : 128x64 graphics display with Y/N numeric keypad, 24 column thermal printer, USB port.

10. Input voltage : 1/100-15VAC, 60-50 Hz or -220V AC, 60-50 Hz, 0.75 amp.

11. Size & Weight 12. Battery : 15” W x 12” H x 7.0” D, 6 kg.

12. Battery : Optional for 10hrs backup.


  • Compact, Economical and Easy to use

  • Excellent precision and reliability

  • Long life, maintenance-free electrodes

  • Automatic sampling, probe wiping and calibration

  • Intelligent reagent pack with electronic chip

  • Optional battery backup

  • Extremely low cost per test

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 2.49.09 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 2.48.52 PM.png

Delivers high-quality, consumable diagnostic healthcare system that significantly improve test results in a cost-effective manner. It is our mission to provide better care to the medical laboratory, healthcare professional and patient. The company’s system line features: ClearPrep, an FDA registered cytopathology product that facilitates the preparation of true mono-layer sample slides for general use liquid-based cytology applications.

No product provides a BETTER range of benefits to a laboratory, pathologist, or technician in such a simple and reliable manner as ClearPrep. Upgrade your lab to ClearPrep today.

Hettich has developed and manufactured centrifuges and laboratory equipment for use around the world for more than 100 years. It has had an eventful history. It was founded by the master mechanic Andreas Hettich as a small operation and has now become an international company employing around 270 people worldwide. It manufactures a wide range of equipment under the motto "Innovation based on tradition".

The HettCube 200 R with cooling capability enables optimum growth conditions for cell cultures and has a low environmental impact. This innovative incubator only heats or cools when it is necessary. At an operating temperature of +37 °C it consumes only 0.033 kWh. This not only saves energy, it also reduces operating costs.
• Small space requirement and high capacity: Its volume of 150 litres means sufficient space for the cell cultures
• Temperature maintained at the set value, in the range 0 °C to +65 °C, so that cultures are not subject to temperature fluctuations. Its cooling capability allows the HettCube 200 R to actively and directly compensate for ambient temperature fluctuations.
• Low power consumption: At an operating temperature of +37 °C the incubator consumes only 0.025 kWh
• Its low Global Warming Potential (GWP) means it has a low impact on the environment: The incubator is insulated with water-blown foam that does not contain any fluorinated hydrocarbons.
• Low noise level
• Simple to operate thanks to the Hettich
program templates in Excel format.


Although the current name Astell Scientific was adopted in the late 1980’s, the company can trace a rich history in sterilization and autoclave manufacturing that extends back over 130 years.
Charles Hearson established Charles Hearson & Co in 1884, a company specialising in the manufacture of autoclaves and incubators for medical practitioners. The company continued to evolve through the early half of the twentieth century offering temperature controlled and other laboratory apparatus.


Helmer has provided high-quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated products for over 30 years. Our experience and attention to detail allow us to provide a product that offers superior uniformity, outstanding reliability, and exceptional benefits that bring value every day. In addition, our commitment to service and support ensures satisfaction throughout the life of your product.

Our Non-Magnetic MRI Equipment increases patient comfort while decreasing concerns for injury and liability.

MRIequip is proud to introduce the first fiber-optic incubating MRI Laryngoscope set, non-magnetic Laryngoscope set, MRI Laryngoscope blades including MRI Laryngoscope batteries.  We have built a reputation of excellence in the industry for supplying quality MR conditional Laryngoscope sets, as well as a broad range of fiber-optic MRI Laryngoscope blades and MR conditional Laryngoscope batteries.


There is a wide variety of different MRI Respiratory equipment. We supply you with everything that you need to give your MRI Environment every piece of MRI Respiratory Equipment and accessory that it should have.

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