About Us

Who We Are

As one of the Saudi Arabia companies, Home of Gulf Elite (HGE) is a dynamic and diversified local distributor that continues to play a vital role in the Kingdom’s progress to this day. HGE was established in Riyadh in 2016, and since then HGE has been expanding in Saudi market, pioneering many products and services along its journey. HGE is well known for excellence across its business units, serving Healthcare, Scientific research and Military sectors.


Driven by our vision of playing a positive role in the development of sectors that we are served in Saudi Arabia, HGE offer a world class products and services along with providing premium and effective services to our clients.


We are serving with honor Hospitals, Research Institutes, Universities, Ministry of

Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Private Sectors in Saudi Arabia by

providing technical consultancy, sales and service for various Medical and Scientific

projects throughout the whole kingdom. 


As a local distributor, we insist on excellence in everything we do by focusing on delivering and achieving the best customer satisfaction and best quality services that always exceed our customers' expectation through our main backbone which is our highly experienced and professional team and our highly leading partners from all over the world.