Clinical Laboratory


BIOFREEZE freezers

With the BIOFREEZE BV45 or SMARTLINE freezers, Consarctic supplies market-leading controlled rate freezers for various applications. The BIOFREEZE freezers are equipped with an uncomplicated and user-friendly software, which already contains a variety of freezing programs and also offers the possibility to easily vary your own programs.


Aluminium cryogenic container

Aluminium liquid nitrogen tanks are used for the storage of various biological samples in bags, ampoules or cryohalms. The sizes range from 4 to 150 L LN2 capacity for these sample storage tanks.


Robust cryogenic transport containers

Cryo transport containers are available in various designs and sizes for the safe transport of biological samples. They are available with and without data logger. Optionally, we also offer robust transport containers and trolleys.


Stainless steel cryotanks

Depending on the size and design (liquid phase or gas phase storage), these liquid nitrogen cryotanks are suitable for storing up to 100,000 cryo ampoules or 1,700 500ml bags. The tank opening is arranged eccentrically. This reduces the nitrogen consumption and the vapor phase temperature is lower. Due to the rotatable bottom, the storage space is very conveniently accessible and can be used efficiently.

Wiener lab

Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

Automatic analyzer as simple as reliable for measuring ESR. - Simple operation. Only 3 steps: CB reading, homogenization (automatic), result report - 32 results in just 25 minutes, Color LCD touch screen, Built-in thermal printer - Intuitive and friendly: Android Operating System - Modern: large touch screen. USB ports - Free of maintenance - Eco friendly: does not generate waste - Does not require consumables: works directly from the CBC tube - QC tracking and chart printing